Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Santa Fe Stands With Us, Mr. Cook--I Hope You Can Appreciate How Very Valuable That Is. The Buddha Too.

Three Seals of Impermanence, Boundlessness and Nirvana

That was a helluva ride you took me on today, Mr. Cook. An ascension of $2.67 for a share price of $109.41. Quite a show. Thank you.

I have something very special to bring to you today, snatched out of the ether for this nanosecond, a sublime synchronicity: It's a skilled meditation on an apple, and it fell upon my head like a Newtonian object.

I know it's hard to slow time down for 45 minutes--his soothing voice and intelligent cadence both help. But really its content is for your ears, perhaps more than anyone else's. I fervently ask that you listen when the spirit moves you to do so. I think it will help you sail over the very treacherous peaks and valleys ahead.

With metta,

Frances Madeson

P.S. The more you stand back from the image of the seals above, the less pixelated they appear.

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