Tuesday, December 16, 2014

If An Apple Tree Falls in the Forest...

Photo by Ed Champion
Dear Mr. Cook:

I don't think there's any point in prolonging this. I bet on a different narrative, one that's not unfolding. Instead I'm in someone else's where I'm not getting the results I was hoping for. Down another $1.48 to a share price of $106.75. On many levels. I frankly don't like being in the corporate world, I find it stifling in the extreme. I'm really not a money person. I don't lust for it even while I'm always happy to see it. Because I want to keep the party going (such as it is) and take it on the road too. Live free, as they say. Live free above all.

I thought, and you're going to think this is hilarious, that the run-up on the Apple Inc. stock was going to continue as a kind of payoff to the managerial class and professoriat for not calling too much attention to the grand thievery of the oil heist that's going on now, where the real money's being made and lost. Oh yes, lots of loss right now, plenty of pain to go around.

Anyway, these past 12 days immersed in Apple Inc. has made me face myself in a way that nothing else has. Because of the money, I guess. Things sharpened into focus really fast. And I have to face my own limitations realistically. I cannot read the world, much less the worlds within the worlds. It's my Surrender Dorothy moment. I don't and can't know the totality of what's going on. I see glimpses--Mora County for instance, or Grand Street when I lived in NYC. But not the whole world.

I also realized that in any event the bet I made was too extravagant. That I like being in cash. It's warm and cozy in the cash nest. So I'm planning a retreat. I'll make a decision by close of market Friday how much of one, but significant.

In the meanwhile, please show me the world as it is. Show me the world, Mr. Cook.

Sincerely yours,

Frances Madeson

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