Friday, December 19, 2014

Did You Really Shut the Russian Online Apple Store Down? Damn!

Dear Mr.Cook:

Up $3.24 to $112.65.

Well, I guess you really enjoyed yesterday's meditation from Upaya! The only thing is, it would have been a nice capper if we'd chanted the metta sutta together. Shall we now, Mr. Cook?

May all beings (except Vladimir Putin) be happy, healthy and whole.
May they have love, warmth and affection.
May they be protected from harm, and free from fear.
May they be alive, engaged and joyful.
May "all beings" (except Vladimir Putin) enjoy inner peace and ease.

May that peace expand into their world (with the exception noted above) and throughout the entire universe.

Goodnight, Mr. Cook. Oh, one more thing...

Sincerely yours,

Frances Madeson


  1. You do know that the current government in Ukraine was installed by a Nazi coup?

  2. My very limited point was meant to highlight that Apple Inc.'s action was political in the extreme without seeming to be so. And that clearly it has aligned itself with whatever the interests in opposition to Putin are, and I expect will be richly rewarded for its intervention. It's a psych op of sorts parading as a business decision.