Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Appley Goodness

Dear Mr. Cook:

I'm working on a wonderful X-mas present for you, so just a few words from me today. I'll just say that my litblog pal Ed is famously broke in NYC this Xmas, long story. In fact, he's paying down a debt of several hundred dollars to me with pictures of Apple products in NYC scenes at the rate of $10 per pic. I've already  published two, here are four more:

Photos by Ed Champion. Ed calls this one Apples on Madison (for Madeson!)

Ed calls this one Tati Homage?

Ed called this one Another Apple Pic; I call it Boot on the Ground

Ed titled this: Tablet Inside, Reality Outside
If I were VP of HR for Apple Inc. (a big if, I'm aware), sight unseen I'd give Ed a 90-day supply of meds and a not unsubstantial budget, and I'd send him to South Korea ASAP and let his unbounded creativity loose on the competition. Tidings like those we had today
$112.010.53 would soon be reversed. Channel that energy!

Also, I tripped over this cute Money Isn't Everything post on the Ecuador Ex-Pat page:
I remember a story on one of the expat groups a few years ago about an apple vendor somewhere in EC who was selling a box of apples in the street. An expat asked to buy the whole lot, and she refused to sell him all of them. He asked why not, and she said that she wouldn't have anything to do for the rest of the day.
 Enjoy your holiday (if you can),

Sincerely yours,

Frances Madeson

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