Friday, December 26, 2014

Apple Product Placement II

Dear Mr. Cook:

How great to find out you're such a fan of contemporary literature--up $1.98 today to $113.99!

Whenever I can I'll bring you worthwhile excerpts of delightful and intriguing literary writing with sublime Apple product placement.

This brief passage is three pages into Apple Seized, Chapter One, Part One of Edmond Caldwell's debut novel Human Wishes/Enemy Combatant. The only thing you need to know is that Edmond has made a commitment to a certain kind of sentence. Here goes:

"He knew he looked rumpled and unshaven, but he thought he might also look exotic and attractive in a world-weary way, at least for a man of his age. He had gotten some sun on the trip. Of course she would have to be into men his age. But probably he looked like a Middle Eastern terrorist instead of a Mediterranean lover. It didn't matter because he couldn't locate the attractive passenger among those at the carousel. Perhaps, like his wife, she was resting somewhere while a male partner fetched the bags, though it had been his impression that she had been traveling solo. He could see his wife, however, if he raised himself onto his toes. There she was with her Mac open on her lap. She had to be back at work early the next morning. He saw his wife set her laptop onto the vacant seat to her right and begin to take her sweater off. It had been cold on the plane when she put the sweater on. They had been in their seats--unfortunately the middle seats of the center aisle--so he'd had to help tug the sweater down her back, he remembered. Now his wife was on a different set of seats, against one wall of the baggage claim area instead of in the center aisle of the plane, and she wanted to take the sweater off. The seat on the other side of his wife was occupied by an older woman who leaned away so that she wouldn't be struck by flailing elbows as his wife struggled with the sweater over her head. As the sweater came up, the blouse clung to it and his wife's midriff and even the cups of her brassiere were exposed. He thought that the older woman in the next seat had a disapproving expression on her face, although at this distance he couldn't tell for sure."
Yours sincerely,

Frances Madeson


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