Saturday, December 20, 2014

Apple Albuquerque

The sole Apple Store in New Mexico

And so vibrant and alive! Really fun to be there.

Dear Mr. Cook:

I was in Albuquerque today on social justice business, and between events opted to stop by "our store." So glad I did. It was abuzz with positive energy. The atmospherics felt electrified with purpose and curiosity, problem-solving and sharing.

I have to say it's one thing to read about the differences in size of the iPhone 6 series, and another to see them side by side. I can see a lot of people buying both, I mean they each have a different utility.  I enjoyed surveying the merchandise, and walking around like I owned the joint.

I had a really fun chat with a young technician named Daniel with a remarkable Edward Scissorhands tattoo on his arm. When I asked to take his picture he informed me of the company policy that staff cannot be photographed in their Apple shirts. I'm sure you have your reasons, but I think you should make an exception for him.

While I was in the mall I couldn't resist going into the Williams Sonoma store--a guilty pleasure. I just love looking at all that well-designed cookware and accoutrements. And I'm afraid I'm guilty of handling the stemware, imagining how pretty the wine would look in each of the glasses. The mall experience was a little piece of Manhattan, very enjoyable.

Back in Santa Fe now, I see the share price fell by eighty-seven cents to $111.78. That's okay. I imagine the people of the Ukraine are very thankful to you. You really slapped Putin silly. Someone had to do it.

Sincerely yours,

Frances Madeson

P.S. For some reason I have a sizable readership from Ukraine on my other blog--Written Word, Spoken Word. Moldava too, a country I had to Google!


  1. Is Russia bombing anyone?

  2. Only Mr. Cook knows why Apple Inc. took leadership in humiliating Putin in this particularly shameful way (in capitalistic terms). I imagine some big plum will be coming Apple's way in return.